Prom ‘24: Jackson & Sophia

Starting the ‘24 prom season…

I had the opportunity to work with Jackson & Sophia. Now, I’ve known Jackson for years, and he showed up and showed out during the photoshoot. Now, I just met Ms. Sophia, and let’s just say that she was spectacular. Together, they make one heckuva couple. It was indeed a pleasure to be able to shoot their prom photos. Thanks guys!

Prom ‘23: Speed & Class

Another year, another prom photoshoot with the young Ms. Chelsea Speed. Having the chance to work with her again this year is yet another great time. This year we had a great location and a marvelous car! As always, Chelsea didn’t disappoint with a beautiful dress, and she looked wonderful. (The Rolls wasn’t a bad choice either!)

Thanks again to the entire families that helped make this possible. I appreciate the chance to work with you all again!

Prom ‘23: The Dancy Crew

During this prom photoshoot, I was fortunate enough to work with the amazing Ms. Dancy and her friends. This was a great group of young men and ladies to work with. As you can tell, they were all dress immaculately and were the talk of the area where we shot.

I certainly appreciate them giving me the opportunity to work with them and thank them and their parents for allowing me to share in this evening with them. I hope you all have a great prom. Thank you!

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